Moss n. a small flowerless rootless green plant grown in damp habitats. Every cell of moss can photosynthesise & reproduces by means of spores released from stoked capsules.

There are over twelve thousand species of moss…an ancient plant.

I visit daily …a water ritual of care & discovery…..moss has ways to heighten the attachment of water to itself & invites it (water) to linger just a little longer….every element of moss is designed for its affinity for water.

They (the moss bowls) are visitors …although comfortable in their place …damp filtered light…everyday i visit….as I walk down the Forest Walk I experience anticipation. This anticipation was heightened when the work was first installed…..but each day I survive the anticipation with the viewing…..seeing…. looking…

What has happened in the last 24hours?

N.B. Moss bowls: do you ever wonder about what life puts in your bowl? Every  moss cell of every leaf is in intimate contact with the atmosphere….. What synchronicity brings you to a particular place at a particular time & with whom?

Into each bowl there are a myriad of textures all competing for attention. What is left is a residue of connection that was not there before & may not be there again. How does the content of other close bowls effect each bowl? ……moss almost never occurs singularly ….the more the moss shoots are  tightly packed  the greater the holding capacity 

Today one moss bowl was running away …fallen out of its cradle….to where? …or was it pushed?…..

IMG_2772  IMG_2770  DSCN6584_2


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