do we ever pause long enough?


Will what we receive eventually nourish us? Are we simply on our way? Do we just have to keep showing up? Retelling the enormity of people’s experiences can only be suggested. All we really know is something exists afterwards that was not there before.

‘wherever you go there you are’ is a site specific art installation by Corrie Wright.

The installtion is located at Spicers Tamarind Retreat Maleny and is part the The Sunshine Coast Art Awards  &  Sculptures on the Edge 2015.

Conceptually ‘wherever you go there you are’ is formed from the universal image of the Zen nuns Alms bowl, how to find meaning proffered in everyday experience.


In 2014 I worked on site along with 3 other artists; Elizabeth Poole, Judy Barrass & Jenny Fitzgibbon over a 7 day timeframe to create a series of ephemeral sculptures.

DSCN5344_2 IMG_1608 DSCN5381

DSCN5309 IMG_1682 DSCN5459 DSCN5438_2

Moss + Alms bowls as metaphor

“Its (moss) life and ours exist only because of a myriad of synchronicities that bring us to this particular place at this particular moment.”





“Every cell in a moss plant can photosynthesize. Every single cell of these little tiny plants cranks out food. So moss plants don’t need roots to absorb nutrients from the soil. They don’t need soil. They don’t need a vascular system to pipe nutrients from the bottom of the plant to the top. They’re simplicity itself.”

Alms bowls –

In Buddhism the Alms bowl conveys sacredness, non-attachment & mutual & daily giving. The bowl is one of simple form often an everyday object that we fill to give or receive & open to possibilites….Is the asking important?

The Site- Inspirations & grounded possibilities


IMG_8568 IMG_8567 IMG_8566 IMG_8565 IMG_8564 IMG_8561 IMG_8555  IMG_8580 IMG_8620


Collecting …does shifting our perspective help us figure everyday out?

Gathering moss was a daily event to source areas. Maleny surrounds proved to be a rich source,  a micro perspective found unexpected cache of abundance. Favourite site were the gutters in the main street & the alleyway  of the local hardware. Gathering is much more than collecting its a source of connection to place, people & community.


IMG_8581 IMG_8578 IMG_8577 IMG_8575IMG_8573

The Process

‘ I think that  outcomes are always assured but unpredictable. It is in this unpredictableness that process is important to me & integral to the outcome. Stepping outside what I already know is always daunting, exciting, challenging & worth the effort.  Many months have taken to produce twenty-one finished moss bowls. Making the wire & paperpulp substrates, gathering moss, adhering the moss to the substrates needed a vast amount of research, testing, trial & often error before any results were forthcoming’.










Installation – does installation render the familiar unfamiliar? Do we contribute with the ideas we share, the quality of our connections & the conversations we start?

Working with different forms & processes is an approcah that seeks to create conversation around the complexities of the place & time in which we live.


On-Site – install

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 10.04.53 am Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 10.05.09 am

DSCN6331SOTE 12/9/2015






















Casualties & Deterrents

15 days in and it was too much to the bush turkey….or was it the bush turkey? ….something pecked one apart…. not to be dettered i made up some chilli spray…ok so far…25 days in now minor tampering, one trample (the smallest one)







do you every feel like running away?… I found one trying to get away…unhurt but needing not to conform with the others!


After time … adjusting to environment is more than the conditions …the pecking is leaving bare patches….but the bowls are  sitting more & more comfortable ..contents overflowing onto the ground…do we inpart a small piece of ourselves with every experience?







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